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Sunday, June 27, 2010


Pride, Any Which Way...

SAN FRANCISCO - JUNE 29:  A reveler holds a ga...

Today is Pride Day in NYC; in mere moments, I'm off to be with the beautiful people, as we stand, shoulder to shoulder, in the stifling heat, watching lesbian motorcyclists, go-go boys, minor celebrities and gay daddies (complete with stroller and baby) float down Fifth Avenue. It means something about the cause of gay equality, but for the life of me I can't remember what. Hey ho, hey ho, homophobia's got to go, and I need a cocktail.

At the risk of losing my gay license on this holiest of holy days, I have to admit a cardinal gay sin I've committed this week...

I do not love the new Scissor Sisters' record, Night Work. There, I'm out of the closet. I feel better.

My preview copy of Night Work has been on the iPod for days, and I've been giving it a number of chances to steal my heart. But try as I might, nothing captures the epic indulgence or musical genius of the record's last track (and first single), "Invisible Light"...the whole thing, in fact, sounds like some lost mediocre 70's Casablanca Records disc. I still love (the idea of) Scissor Sisters, and I think they are -- along with Gossip, Gaga, Antony and the Johnsons and Amy Winehouse -- one of the most transgressive acts of the last decade. And I'm sure it sounds better in a club. I hope so, at least.

But in keeping with the spirit of Gay Pride today, here are the Scissors live, featuring an extra special guest at Glastonbury this week. It's one of the best new songs on Night Work, called "Any Which Way," an ode to backdoor lovin'. May it fill your pride, your heart, and anything else you need filled, in as many ways as possible.

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