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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Fabstuff: Memphis Blues (And New Orleans Too)

Cyndi Lauper

The 80" plasma screen mounted in the ModFab HQ newsroom has been running a near-continuous feed of Treme, HBO's inconsistent-but-lovely new drama series about the rebuilding of New Orleans. The finale of Season One ran last Sunday; if you, however, are already missing the superb rock-and-blues that were showcased in each episode, there's no better remedy than Cyndi Lauper's new disc, Memphis Blues.

The tribute to Tenessee's organic sound includes many of the Treme guest stars in duets, including Allen Toussaint. Cyndi's a blues natural, which is only surprising if you think she's still the girl from She's So Unusual. Here, take a listen:

Not bad, eh?

On a related television topic...how great was the third season of AMC's Breaking Bad, which cliffhanged its way to an end last week? It was one of the most dazzling balancing acts ever accomplished by a room of screenwriters...and the cinematography and acting are pretty stellar, too. I realize that I'm kind of the lone wolf if the wilderness, raving about how great a show Breaking Bad is...but then, I was the lone wolf for Battlestar Galactica back in the day, and that turned out okay!
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Blogger Jill said...

If anyone would have told me back in the 80's that the supremely talented Cyndi Lauper would end up in near-oblivion while that poseur Madonna would become the biggest star in the world I'd have said they were crazy. I think Lauper's talent is so wide-ranging that no one knew quite what to do with her.

6/23/10, 10:31 PM  

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