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Friday, May 14, 2010


ModMusic: Kylie's "All The Lovers"

First thoughts: it's very, very Stuart Price, falling somewhere in between his work with Madonna and Seal in terms of woolly synths and energy. Price is not my favorite producer, but he's solid and he's got a definite method to his work. I'm happy with this track, although I'm guessing once the album comes out, I'll probably like the Calvin Harris collaborations more. But it's Kylie, so who am I kidding, I'll love it all. She's like musical kryptonite...I grow weak and powerless under her spell.

Back to the track -- "All The Lovers" has a retro-anthem fierceness to it, but it's also lush and sweet in some way. That concoction is a difficult trick to pull off...it's has only occasionally been successful for Madonna ("Express Yourself") and never even attempted by GaGa or Beyonce. (Kylie is the undisputed master of the positive energy anthem -- "Better The Devil You Know," "Love at First Sight," "Wow," "Step Back In Time," "I Should Be So Lucky," etc.) I bet the remixes of "All The Lovers" will be amazing...would love to see this track get reworked by Mylo, Shazam or GRUM.

And has Miz Minogue ever been in better voice? I don't think so. There's a torchy yearning in her interpretation of the lyrics, and the triumph-of-the-spirit subtext is rich and warm. It'll sound great in concert, too (please come back to the US, Kylie!)

All in all, it's a great tease for the new album, Aphrodite, which has a feverish buzz around it. Praise to the Creator...Kylie's Back.

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