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Friday, April 16, 2010


Required Post-Tax-Day Reading

dollar close UP

Most Americans have been fooled into the idea that taxes are inherently bad. In fact, however, taxes help the overwhelming majority of us far more than we pay in. This article from Truthdig spells it out in glorious detail...a must-read for everyone, really.

America's double-bind idiocy -- that we pass tax cuts again and again (on the super-rich no less, who don't need cuts!) while going deeper and deeper in debt -- will eventually destroy our nation. Will we ever learn? And will we learn in time?

(And the next time you see a Republican Tea Party freak bitching about the size of Obama's spending, ask them if they'll give up their Social Security and Medicare. They're complete hypocrites, demanding entitlemnets for themselves while complaining about them for everyone else. The only federal handouts the Tea Partiers like is the one in their own hand.)
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