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Friday, April 23, 2010


Not A Day Goes By, Not A Single Day

Stephen Sondheim

Among musical theatre queens, there is a rare but hardy breed, the few, the proud: the Stephen Sondheim Geeks. You can identify us by our love for intricate lyrics and melodies, our inability to realize that Glynis Johns cannot sing, and our messianic belief that Follies is a wildly underrated work of genius.

For my fellow Sondheimanics, I gift you the New York Times' interactive timeline of our lord and master's career. It's been built in conjunction with their review of the new Broadway production Sondheim On Sondheim, an exquisite career retrospective that you must run to see. Trust me, no matter how many times you've heard "Being Alive," you haven't truly heard it until you hear Norm Lewis sing it. (And Vanessa Williams is pretty brilliant, too.)
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