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Monday, March 15, 2010


The ModFab Gallery - Playing Favorites

Atomische | Museo del Templo Mayor
gratefully reprinted under Creative Commons License

I know it's probably uncouth to play favorites. After all, every single photographer I link to in the ModFab Gallery is worth your time, energy and exploration. But as with any art form, there are some you find yourselves attracted to the most, and it just so happens that, for me, three of them appear in this week's edition. The first is Bocetos, an artist who excels at both landscape and portraiture; it may be because he primarily photographs midtown Manhattan, which is my own stomping ground, but he makes my daily commute come alive with possibility and vibrancy. In that regard, he is not unlike DoubleCrossed, one of the best in the biz. Her work combines humor, detail and a healthy sense of nostalgia. And finally, I was stunned by the beauty of Turnorama's "Steam" this week, and have been drawn back to it nearly a dozen times since I first saw it. It's the rare combination of natural elements, urban landscape, and an almost anthropomorphic sense of dramatic tension. If I had the cash, frankly, it would be hanging on my wall right now.

Bluejake | A Hangar at Floyd Bennett Field
Bocetos | Midtown Somewhere
Boxman | Keen Eyes
DoubleCrossed | Food
FriskyPics | D-Face Riot
Glitterlens | KT Glee
The Image Point | Leaving The Beach
Lachezar's Photo Notes | The Red Team
Turnorama | Steam
Terra Spirit | Salvation Mountain

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