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Monday, February 22, 2010


The ModFab Gallery: New and Noteworthy

Giampiero Cialini | Sad Eyes (Occhi Tristi)
gratefully reprinted under Creative Commons License

If you follow the photoblog community at all, you know there are some big guns in the field -- Chromasia, Mute, DoubleCrossed, Daily Dose of Imagery, etc. -- who are among the most perceptive photographers in the world. What continually astonishes me, though, is the depth of the field online...new photographers appear every day who dazzle us with iconic imagery. Today I'm happy to present five photobloggers for the first time in the ModFab Gallery: the sharp-edged fantasies of Veiled Exposure, the intimate captures of Wordsnlens, the tortured romanticism of Giampiero Cialini, the digital fantasies of Sirius 2, and the stylish urbanity of No Sauce. New to me (and perhaps to you), but already earning their spots in the Gallery. Enjoy.

Atomische | Two Ladies
Digital Apoptosis | Postcards From Haiti
François-Noël Masson | Detail de la Fontaine de Neptune
Gerryfoto | Neuseeland
Glitterlens | Drilling
No Sauce | Gursky at Sea
Sirius 2 | Candy
Thomas Winzer | Homeless
Veiled Exposure | Stormbringer
Wordsnlens | Devotion

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