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Wednesday, January 06, 2010


Tabatha: Our Last, Best Hope Against Al-Qaeda

NEW YORK - OCTOBER 15:  TV personality Tabatha...

Although it gets less promotion or press than other network hits, Tabatha's Salon Takeover has quietly become Bravo's most entertaining reality series of the season. Almost all of the credit has to go to its sharp-tongued host, Tabatha Coffey, who mixes together equal parts bitch, businesswoman, and bathos.

Maybe fixing salons isn't all she should do...according to ARTSBlog, a site for professionals in the entertainment industry, Tabatha can teach every office how to get their shit together. Brilliant.

(And while I'm mentioning 'brilliant' and 'television' in the same blog post, I'll add a quick plug for Better Off Ted, which, as Low Resolution suggests, is the best comedy you're not watching. Until recently, I was guilty too...I only started watching the quirky office farce last month, and realize now I've been missing one of TV's best-kept secrets. Sadly, it looks like the show doesn't have long to live, but I plan to enjoy its oddball hilarity while I can.)

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