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Monday, January 18, 2010


The Secret War of the Christian Right


Unbelievable. In case you're unclear about the hidden agenda of the U.S. military in the Iraqi and Afghan Wars, let us school you: they think it's the Crusades all over again. How else do you explain coded Bible scriptures being engraved onto U.S. rifle scopes before distribution to soliders?

Sure, it's unfair to lump all Christians into a ethnophobic, bigoted clump of hatred...just as it's unfair to label Muslims as terrorists simply because of a few extremists. But Obama needs to come out loud and clear on this issue, and remove these Jesus-hyper nutjobs from the government and from our fighting force. There can be no middle ground on this issue.

Because this is, after all, how the Nazis got started...believing in the myth of Christian supremacy, as using it as part and parcel for violent acts against other people of faith. We cannot slide towards that again, not even a bit.
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