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Monday, January 25, 2010


The ModFab Gallery: Painting With Lenses

Glitterlens | Oh Canada!
reprinted by permission

I know, it's a bit self-involved to highlight a shot of my own, but all ten of the photographers I wanted to highlight this week have (for reasons known only to them) skipped the Creative Commons license. But I couldn't leave any of them out...these photos simultaneously capture reality AND remind me of painters' work, which is an astonishing feat. Hopper, Cadmus, Corot, and more. Brilliant.

Boxman | House Dog
Daily Dose of Imagery| Metal Dog
Digital Apotosis | VenkataramanaSwamy Temple
Framed and Shot | Recycle
Frisky Pics | Pop!
Panopticon | Tulum Beach Flags
Photoschau | Fender
Tageswerk | Having Visions
That...Was My Foot | Kabuki in the Sky with Pilots
Turnorama | Crane Cab

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