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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Kylie Interview: Live in 2009, What's Next in 2010

Kylie Minogue at the MEN - July 2008

Stolen shamelessly from Raj at Electroqueer, here's an audio interview with ModFab's resident deity, Kylie Minogue, on the release of her digital concert album Live In New York. Having attended this performance, it's a very special recording for me with a lot of memories. (It's also pretty damn fierce...especially the version of "Speakerbox," which blows me away!)

In the interview, Kylie drops some hints about her new record, which she's working on now. She's currently in the studio with Stuart Price (Madonna, Seal), and has already completed work with Calvin Harris, Jake Shears and others. She hopes to finish recording by March, for a release in late 2010! Woo hoo!

Kylie Minogue interviewed by Larry Flick - New York 12/11/09 by Steve Anderson
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