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Thursday, December 31, 2009


Get Outta Here 2009, It's Time For 2010!

Happy New Year, everyone! Here at ModFab HQ, we're getting ready to watch the ball drop, so I thought I'd wish everyone in ModFab Nation a great 2010. I'm raising a glass to you! (Well, maybe more than one glass, truthfully.)

I'm not really making resolutions, per se, but I have thought a bit about the changes ahead. Here are the things I'm thinking about, as we say goodbye to 2009:

Things I Did in 2009 That I Am Thrilled About:

- I turned 40. And so far, I really like my forties. ;-) I lost more weight, got my first tan in ten years, and after nearly two decades, my marriage is better than it's ever been. (Mr. ModFab, I salute you!)

- I traveled. Went to Georgia to see the 'rents, then hit London for a 24-hour blast (with Cal and Raj!) Spent a week in Bulgaria, learning a new language and seeing spectacular art.

- I improved my health. I continued the weight loss, brought my cholesterol down, found a fabulous new gay doctor, and most importantly, went from being pre-diabetic to having no threat of diabetes at all!

- I survived the downturn. Kept my tiny little arts non-profit alive and functioning through the worst economic disaster for cultural groups in fifty years.

- I became a photographer. Which has been more enjoyable, creative, fulfilling, and exciting that I ever imagined it could be.

- Managed to blog in a healthy way. Yes, many of you wish I were still posting daily, but my psyche is really glad that I'm not. ;-)

Things I Did In 2009 That I Do Not Want To Do Ever Again:

- Letting people go at work. When the bottom fell out of the economy last year, all arts groups suffered pain, and many closed their doors. My office had to have a staff reorganization that meant some very talented people had their jobs eliminated. Losing good, honest, hardworking people because of money trouble is the worst feeling in the world, and I resolve never to do it again.

- Feel guilty about work. My residual guilt over the staff reduction meant that I let some of my remaining staff take advantage of me -- behaving unprofessionally, disrespecting me personally, and doing sub-par work. It's my goal, and my promise, to expect 100% and nothing less next year. (Those who read my blog...you have been warned, I'm back. ;-)

- Putting my weight loss on the back burner. After having a lot of success in 2008, I dropped the ball in the middle of 2009...didn't gain, but haven't lost a lot more since. I already got back on track in December, and I am going to keep it up in 2010.

- Letting the art go soft. My current theatre projects -- a play about Gilgamesh, a play based on a Genet novel, and my own long-gestating writing project -- spent most of 2009 slogging through rewrites, workshops, and development hell. All of them need to see the light of day, on a stage, somewhere, in 2010. And although the poetry collection is written and editing is underway, I also need to make sure it gets over the finish line.

- Watching my hair make its inexorable slide to silver. Yes, I should be thankful that I'm not bald. (Both my father and grandfather were by my age.) But vanity doesn't allow half-measures, so I'm considering getting the gray areas dyed in 2010. I wish I had that sexy silver fox, George Clooney thing happening. Or like A Strange Interlude, who wears his gray exceptionally well. But I don't. I just look old.

And you? What will you do to make 2010 modern and fabulous?


Blogger xolondon said...

I don't think I knew we are the same age. 4-0 is HAWT! I actually grew up in a suburb of Hotlanta, so viva GA...

Have a great 2010 and keep up the modfabulousness...

1/1/10, 6:14 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

I've long since given up the idea of weight loss, so my resolution is just to eat BETTER -- something hard to do when you work 80-hour-weeks and your spouse's idea of cooking is "What From Trader Joe's Are We Having Tonight?" Of course, there are worse packaged foods than Trader Joe's, but Mr. Brilliant isn't about to spend two hours preparing the fabulous vegetarian moussaka I made last weekend.

I make no promises, however, about the so-called "gym" my employer is putting in. Last time I had access to a corporate gym it had a gorgeous locker room with private shower stalls, fluffy robes, towels, shampoo and soap supplied, as well as gym wear. This one looks like it's going to have a few ellipticals and one shower for around 400 women. And you know, of course, how I love gyms.

But as I head into turning =tokke= FIFTY-FIVE this year, I know I can't take my health for granted anymore...and not even my fantastic genes can protect me forever.

I'm afraid the holidays got away from us this year and we didn't get together. Hopefully next year I won't be painting a newly remodeled 16 x 24 foot basement family room and will have some time to get out a bit.

Best wishes for a great 2010!

1/1/10, 10:39 AM  

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