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Monday, November 16, 2009




Today I'm leaving for my sold out European concert tour trip to London and Sofia, and I couldn't be more excited. Tomorrow I'm making my all-too-brief stopover in the UK, where I'll be meeting two of my favorite Brit bloggers in the flesh, Raj from Electroqueer and Cal from Ultimate Addict (both of whom are linking to Roisin Murphy right now on their sites...coincidence? I think not.) After quickly rushing over to the West End to see this, I'm hopping aboard a very early flight out of Heathrow to Bulgaria for eight days. Why Bulgaria? It's kind of cool, actually...I'm part of a delegation of U.S. theatre people who are touring the country's theatre companies, meeting cultural ministers and fellow artists, seeing shows (in Bulgarian!), and developing possible collaborations. I'm excited by the work, by the passion of the people I've talked to there, and (if I'm being honest) by Bulgaria's truly staggering wines, which are some of Europe's best-kept secrets.

I'll be blogging as much as possible, as well as posting photos at Glitterlens and Facebooking, Twittering, etc. Until then, dovijdane!

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Blogger Raj said...

Hey ModFab -

Just wanted to say that it was really nice to meet you and Callum when you had your 24 hour whirlwind stop-over in London. Hope to see you in NYC very soon my friend. Sounds like Bulgaria was lots of fun too and hope you got to sample many local delights while you were there! Uber jealous.

Raj :)

11/28/09, 6:23 PM  

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