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Sunday, October 11, 2009


Obama, the HRC and National Coming Out Day

My thoughts are with everyone participating in the National Equality March in D.C. today. I wish I was there, but I got invited to another party first, and hey, it's an equally gay event. I hope there's some hell raising at the Capitol today, especially in light of the egregious, unconscionable speech by President Obama last night in front of the craven, useless Human Rights Campaign. (If you missed it, I'll summarize...Obama gave no timetable for his completely unfulfilled campaign promises, did not offer any new promises OR advocate for marriage equality, and the HRC put out a press release suggesting that we all wait patiently for fairness and protection and quit pressuring him. Until 2017. No, I'm not kidding.)

Add this to his other failures -- the ruination of health care, the increase in Bush's war agenda, and his inability to get anything through the Democratically-controlled Congress -- and you can't look at his presidency to date as anything but a duplicitious failure.

But let me offer a guest opinion, who speaks the truth so eloquently there is nothing I can add. Damion wrote this on Facebook today, and it is *exactly* how I'm feeling this morning. I hope the March today is just the beginning of some continued political and social action. No one will give us our equal fair share, least of all Obama, it seems. If we want to be treated with dignity and respect, we will have to get it ourselves. Come out...and come out swinging.
"Thoughts on National Coming Out Day and the National Equality March 2009"
by Damion

I have been out since 1987, and owning my own truth in this has been the most powerfully freeing and empowering thing I have ever done. I have seen members of my family and friends move from hatred and fear to love and pride.... from making nasty homophobic comments to championing and marching for my equal rights. I have seen great strides and advances for the LGBT community followed by devastating setbacks. The journey to full equality can be rough and disheartening. But it can also be momentous and empowering. And while I have encountered moments of exhaustion during this struggle for freedom and equality, know that I am committed to seeing it through. I will continue to make sure people know that they have at least one queer person in their life. I will continue to tell of our histories and to teach our stories. And I will continue to call out injustice... even when/ especially when it comes from the very people who claim to be working for our best interest. So I have some things to say to the following people...

1. To the HRC (Human Rights Campaign)

I will not wait any longer. I will not give you a single dollar. I will not entertain cutting members of our community out because you find it might be politically expedient to do so. I will not sit back and watch you play politics and throw dinner parties... telling us to wait until 2017 for our rights... taking our money and claiming our voices while allowing and encouraging politicians to move our very freedoms to the back burner. Insidious.

2. To President Obama

I no longer hear you. Just like President Clinton before you, you wooed us with promises of inclusion, promised of equality, promises of action. And while you have yet to sign legislation that actively works to keep us from full equality... a la Clinton (DOMA & DADT)... you do keep dangling a carrot... baby carrots at that... in front of us in order to keep us on board and keep us quiet. And then pulling that carrot away. Or telling us we can have that baby carrot later. Patience is one thing, foolishness is another. And I am not a fool. You were elected to lead... not to compromise and shelve your integrity or your promises in order to get re-elected. You promised to end DADT... to allow ALL Americans the right to serve their country openly without having to lie about who they are and hide their families. To ask a citizen to be willing to die in service to their country while making them lie and hide who they are is revolting and shameful. You promised to end DOMA. You promised to work for ENDA. You promised us equality and freedom... And if you stab us in the back/ throw us under the bus... I will work to vote you out. You do not get an automatic pass for a hypothetical second term. Sweet words are just words.

3. To Congress

You too disgust me with your timidity and self-interest. You were given power to act not to abdicate. Barney Frank... this goes triple for you.

4. To American Citizens

This country was founded on the principle that people should be free and treated equally. People escaped to here so that the MAJORITY would not oppress them. So that the masses could not legislate their MORALITY and force it on others. The equal rights of LGBT Americans are not for you to decide, approve, or deny. They are inalienable.

A place at the "table" is all well and good, but it is meaningless if your plate has no food on it... and no one will serve you.


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Blogger The Slabber said...

Self-centered grandstanding is always unappealing. And you misspelled duplicitous.

10/12/09, 9:36 AM  

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