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Saturday, October 31, 2009


It's Close To Midnight, Something Evil's Lurking In The Dark...

Happy Halloween, everyone. I've posted a photo from last week's costume-making session over at Glitterlens, for your infotainment. To celebrate the holiday, I'm going up to New Haven, CT, to see history's greatest adulteress-slash-child-molester, Phedre, at Yale in a new production directed by ModFab buddy Christopher Mirto. Might do the parade later, if'n we're not exhausted when we get back. Or maybe we'll take in a screening of Michael Jackson's This Is It, which strikes me as the most morbid, spooky, freaky activity possible this year. Watching emaciated, drug-addicted dead people dance like they're alive. Fun.

So what are you doing this Hallows' Eve?


Blogger Catherine said...

We are working much of the afternoon (or, at least, I am), then going to hear ghost stories in a "real" haunted house this evening, then a bit of wandering around to look at all the costumed NYers, then nice dinner at home with fancy Halloween cupcakes!

10/31/09, 10:16 AM  

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