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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Paddy's Back! (Prefab Sprout Returns, And We Lose Our Minds)

An amazing day for 80's and 90's comebacks...no sooner do I post the new Bananarama single, that I see the brand-new Prefab Sprout single, "Let There Be Music," preceding the new disc coming out in September. Paddy McAloon is one of the few bona fide genius songwriters of our age...don't be scared by the opening 16 bars. No one uses melody and harmony like this today. Pure heaven.

[If I could bottle XO's Middle Eight, I'd drink it all day.]
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Blogger xolondon said...

Right back at ya, ModFab!

Cannot wait for this album... how can I focus on other things until I have it?

7/28/09, 5:46 PM  

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