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Tuesday, July 07, 2009


Because Music This Good Shouldn't Disappear In The Mists Of Time

Everyone's got their favorite obscure obsessions, right? One of mine snuck into my brain today and wouldn't let go -- electronic art combo Propaganda. Their debut album, A Secret Wish, hinted at greatness, but the band disbanded soon after. (Reformations over the next two decades never recaptured the magic, probably due to the loss of iconic vocalist Claudia Brücken).

This was smart pop...and for those of you young'uns obsessed with Lady GaGa, "smart pop" is something we used to have back in the olden days, when you bought your music at an actual store, on plastic circles called "CDs," which we listened to on "stereos". Also back then, lyrics were full of things called "ideas," and we had songs that had more than three chords. [/geezer rant]

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