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Thursday, June 25, 2009


A Lesson In Karma: When Big, Hypocritical Celebrity Bloggers Get Exactly What They Deserve


Perez Hilton

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've delighted greatly in this story over the last few days; in my opinion, anyone who punches He Who Shall Not Be Linked in the face should be celebrated as a national hero. Few daydreams give me more pleasure than the ones in which I give Perez a massive beatdown. Call me a bastard if you want, but to paraphrase Stewie Griffin, I say Perez's uppance has finally come.

Yes, I know, violence is never the answer...especially when there's barely even a question. If there's anything to be learned from this sad affair, it's this:

1) Perez is an unaccountable liar. (Turns out Will.I.Am didn't punch him at all, as he claimed. It was a bodyguard, and Perez knew it, but he decided to drag Will's name through the mud anyway.)

2) It is now acceptable to admit to liking the Black Eyed Peas' new CD, The E.N.D.

3) The true savagery of this story isn't Perez's exaggeration of the "punch" (breaking news -- Perez somehow survived), but his use of a particularly homophobic epithet that led to the fracas. If you haven't heard, Perez ended his verbal catfight by calling Will a "faggot." Yes, kids...the big fat homo is a big fat 'phobe.

If you're like me, you got hip to Perez's poisonously hypocritical bullshit years ago, and this new wrinkle is unsurprising. But like the (totally gorgeous and brilliantly funny) FourFour pointed out yesterday, most people do not realize that Perez is a human wastebin; in fact, he's one of the most successful bloggers of all time, benefiting from lowest common denominator gossip and hateful idiocy. In a medium where great, passionate, talented writers like Nathaniel struggle and work incredibly hard to be professionally successful, it's a travesty that Bigmouth has a wholly undeserved platform for his adolescent bile.

I know Perez has recently been reinventing himself as a nascent equality advocate. But that's as phony as his hair color. Exposing Carrie Prejean last spring was really, really easy...and both she and Perez got a lot of mileage out of that shared moment. Now that his true nature has been revealed -- even after being called out by GLAAD, he refused to apologize for the epithet -- it'll be interesting to see if his fans stick by him...or decide to move on to better, wittier, funnier gossip sites. Or at least, sites that don't call people "faggot" as a slur.

UPDATE: Finally he's apologized, from the bottom of what he calls a heart.
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Blogger Vance said...

I've been disliking the Black Eyed Peas more and more in recent albums but what happened here in Toronto has turned things around a LOT! ha! Plus I'm also glad the MMVA's are getting some press time. It really is one of the best award shows around that you all never get to see.

6/25/09, 1:50 AM  
Blogger Paul said...

He's such a wanker. Hateful and unredeemable in every aspect. And his twitters of call the police? How arrogant and ridiculous. His video i couldn't even sit through. Good points well made mr modfab.

6/25/09, 3:23 AM  
Blogger JimmyD said...

I'm not a fan of Hilton. Sometimes I have come to his defense. (Just because you despise someone doesn't mean that in certain circumstances you can't say, "Well... he wasn't wrong in doing it...") Yes, it was tacky of him to post those pics of Dustin Lance Black... but! My defense was: He's doing what he does. He didn't take the pics, he just did what any gossip monger does. If you're gonna take sex pics of yourself, there's a risk involved.
Now, I can't defend him. He provoked a fight and lost. Verbal assault (which he has grandly admitted to) is just as wrong as physical assault. And to fling such a word as an insult? WTF? And to admit that THAT word was carefully chosen to hurt?
Yes... after almost a week, he did apologize, but has he dropped the lawsuit (that he can't possibly win)?

6/26/09, 9:33 AM  

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