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Friday, June 19, 2009


Full Court Press On NY Marriage Equality

Towleroad has so much great daily content (how many people work there, anyway? Am I the only blogger in the universe who didn't jump aboard when they were looking for correspondents?) that it's easy to miss some of their best posts. For New Yorkers, however, this one bears repeating...and I'd encourage each of you to cut, paste, and pass it on in e-mails and blog posts of your own:

I've been hearing from some key sources up in Albany that the work for a vote on marriage equality is still very much underway.

However, and this is especially important for those of you living in certain districts in New York City, there are a few Democratic senators that really need to know how important the marriage bill (S. 4401) is, and that we want it brought to the Senate floor before the session ends.

A few Senators are apparently expressing that all they want to do before the session ends is tie up a few tax matters that expire and call it quits. What I'm hearing is that if you live in one of the districts listed below, it's vitally important that you make the points above known to your legislator.

These districts are:

SD 23 - Sen. Diane Savino (Staten Island, Brooklyn – Southwest): 518-455-2437
SD 25 - Sen. Daniel Squadron (Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn – Northwest): 518-455-2625
SD 26 - Sen. Liz Krueger (Manhattan – Midtown East, Upper East): 518-455-2297
SD 31 - Sen. Eric Schneiderman (Manhattan – Northwest): 518-455-2041
SD 34 - Sen. Jeff Klein (Northern Bronx, Lower Westchester): 518-455-3595

Of course it's important for everyone to call his or her Senator, but according to my sources, these five are particularly vital.

Read the entire Towleroad article here.


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