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Monday, June 29, 2009


A Disturbing Stonewall Anniversary Moment

40 years to the day from the historic Stonewall Rebellion -- when police raided the namesake bar and arrested patrons on trumped-up charges because they were gay -- the same thing has happened again, in Texas. Why isn't this kind of brutal police bigotry national news? And for that matter, why aren't the major television networks covering the Stonewall anniversary at all?

It's important for all LGBTQ people to celebrate this moment, and to enjoy ourselves and our few hard-won freedoms. But the important flipside of pride, as Quentin Crisp famously noted, is the absence of shame. It's important that we make sure we are heard, seen...and that prejudice like that in Ft. Worth isn't allowed a place in the 21st century.
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Blogger Catherine said...

Yeah, sigh, Fort Worth, my 2nd home. Alas, not a big surprise. But christ...

6/29/09, 11:43 PM  

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