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Thursday, April 30, 2009


Stage: Is Twelfth Night The Greatest Cast In History?

The hottest theatrical production of 2009? Without a doubt, it's The Public Theater's Shakespeare in the Park offering, Twelfth Night, which begins June 10. Even before today's announcement, it had a cast to die for: The Devil Wears Prada's Anne Hathaway as Viola, four-time Tony winner Audra McDonald (Private Practice) as Olivia, Raúl Esparza (Speed-The-Plow) as Orsino and David Pittu (Lovemusik) as Feste. NOW, add the genius that is Julie White -- star of film (Transformers), television (Grace Under Fire) and stage (The Little Dog Laughed), who just also happens to be ModFab's Favorite Actress In The Whole Entire Universe -- and Stark Sands (Die Mommie Die, Journey's End) as Sebastian. Oh, and did I mention the whole thing was FREE?

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Sorry. I just had a theatrical orgasm. How embarrassing. I need to go clean up. Did you get any of it on you?
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your joygasm is unfortunately my sadgasm. *sniff* I'll be in NYC the weekend BEFORE the official opening night for a short, three-day trip. *sob*

Now where did I put those straight razors?

5/1/09, 12:15 AM  
Blogger Vance said...

And don't forget the hilarious Hamish Linklater (The New Adventures of Old Christine) too! I've already planned my trip to line up in the park! So no one get there before me on the 13th! After me in line is fine. Just not before me please.

5/1/09, 12:38 AM  
Blogger Fall Drama League Directors said...

UGH DESPAIR! My favorite play, favorite actors, favorite theatre....and i'm stuck in stupid vermont all summer :( Why?
ps- if you can help me figure out a way to NOT be the "fall drama league directors" i'd really appreciate that- i've tried everything

5/1/09, 7:55 PM  

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