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Sunday, April 19, 2009


Showtune Sunday: "The Pirate Queen"

As we head into the big week of theatre awards nominations -- the Drama League, Drama Desk, and Outer Critics all announced in the next seven days -- I thought it would be a good time to look back at...well, a big honking stinkpile of a musical. The Pirate Queen was supposed to be Les Miz: Part Deux, written by the same composers (and with Irish stepdancing!). But as you'll see in this clip, it was really just soggy treacle wrapped inside an incomprehensible design and some shameless choreography. (Those stepdancers seem out of sync? That's because the stepping sounds were TAPED. DURING THE SHOW.)

It might surprise you to know that The Pirate Queen did not, in fact, win the 2007 Tony Award. It wasn't even nominated. Let's hope this year's nominators have similar wisdom about the big, boozy, badly-executed musicals of 2009. West Side Story, I'm talking to you...

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Blogger Esther said...

What? Stinkpile? Rosie called it a Broadway smash! I did like the transition to the stepdancing, though. Even if it was slightly jarring. ;-)

4/19/09, 12:42 AM  

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