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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Prize Giveaway: Win Depeche Mode's Sounds Of The Universe!

Depeche Mode, Sounds of the Universe

Musical acts from the 1980's have an undeserved reputation for being transitory, of the era, kitschy...not built for longevity. Okay, so maybe it's not totally undeserved. But there are exceptions from the decade that have served the tests of time: U2, Pet Shop Boys, Madonna, Annie Lennox. And of course Depeche Mode, who, at the end of their third decade of music-making, release today their 12th studio album...and it's one of their most arresting and challenging discs ever.

Sounds of the Universe shakes up the band's instrumental base, employing old-school retro synths and found effects; the record also explores some of their most challenging lyrical terrain. If you're wondering if it's radio-friendly, well, not exactly (although the next single, "Peace," should sit far better with fans than the first, "Wrong," did this spring). But what Sounds of the Universe lacks in catchy hooks, it makes up for in meditative tonalities and introspective wandering. It's that rarest of rarities in today's pop landscape -- a smart, thoughtful, accomplished effort.

Why don't you judge for yourself? Depeche Mode is giving readers of Modern Fabulousity a chance to win the new CD. Three lucky winners will be chosen at random.

To enter, e-mail the following:
- Your Name
- Your Mailing Address (for the CD to be delivered)
- The rest of this lyric: "I'm taking a ride with my best friend/I hope ________"

If you don't win, I suggest two alternatives. First, I'd snatch one of the limited-edition box sets, because they are sexier than Tyson Beckford showering. (God, but it's gorgeous, isn't it?) And you might also want to set the DVR for Thursday night's episode of Jimmy Kimmel, because Depeche is shutting down Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles for an exclusive nighttime performance. Enjoy the silence indeed!

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