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Friday, March 06, 2009


When The Cards Go Wild!

American Idol

Anyone who thought the American Idol wild card round would consist of also-rans found themselves seriously mistaken last night -- the eight performances gave viewers the most consistent and talent-packed evening so far. Quickly:

Idol Wannabe : Jesse Langseth
Song Choice : "Something Good"
Fashion Sense : Mini-length leather one-piece (hot!) with a beige shawl-like sweather (not hot!)
ModFab Verdict : B
When you decide to perform old-school Rufus and Chaka, I'm halfway down the road with you already. She's got a lovely instrument, too. If I have any complaints, it's that she doesn't really have the grungy swagger in her performance or in her voice. The judges were mixed...boys didn't like it, girls did. We'll see.

Idol Wannabe : Matt Giraud
Song Choice : "Who's Loving you"
Fashion Sense : Black fedora (soooo 2007) and a jacket. At least the brownish gypsy scarf was interesting, although a little odd.
ModFab Verdict : B+
Sung like his like depended on it. Scatting and strutting and showing off like a white boy possessed by the spirit of Beyonce Knowles. If this gets him in, I'll be shocked...too showy, too over the top.

Idol Wannabe : Megan Corkrey
Song Choice : "Not The One For Me"
Fashion Sense : Marvelous duotone patterns dress over black pants...sophisticated and adult, without being dull.
ModFab Verdict : B+
A perfect song for her (it sits in the middle of her register like it was born there). It was also a little feisty, a little kicked-up, like a midwestern variation of Gwen Stefani. The judges were quite positive, which leads me to believe that she'll be one of the selections tonight.

Idol Wannabe : Von Smith
Song Choice : "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word"
Fashion Sense : Black jack over a horizontally-striped sailor's crew shirt. Nice and subtle.
ModFab Verdict : B-
It's an indisputable fact that Von has one of the most dynamic abilities in the competition. But when he showboats -- sliding around the melodies, acrobatically leaping over the harmonies -- it becomes, for me, a little karaoke. I mean, he'd be the BEST at karaoke night, but still. It's too big, too much, too obvious.

Idol Wannabe : Jasmine Murray
Song Choice : "Reflection"
Fashion Sense : A purple goddess...shimmery fabric dyed to flow downward to a dark bruise color. Gorgeous gorgeous and did I mention gorgeous?
ModFab Verdict : B
I really hated the choice to do Xtina's most cloying ballad...it's a song meant for drag queens and drunk people to feel cheap sentiment. She's also sooooo young. The judges liked her A LOT. And I'm shocked at that. Who knows, maybe she'll sneak in?

Idol Wannabe : Ricky Braddy
Song Choice : "Superstition"
Fashion Sense : A carbon-copy clone of Justin Timberlake from the "SexyBack" era -- white shirt with grey vest and tie, over black hip huggers. Shameless ripoff, if you ask me.
ModFab Verdict : B
Smart decision to go uptempo...the audience jumped and clapped along to Stevie's move-your-feet jam, showing the most appreciation of the night. He also did his best to bounce and sling the song around, but it all struck me as a huge slice of Wonder Bread...filling, tasteless, and ultimately bland. The judges (save Simon) were positive. So what do I know.

Idol Wannabe : Tatiana Del Toro
Song Choice : "Saving All My Love For You"
Fashion Sense : All sparkle and glitter...like a less talented, more inebriated teenage Liza.
ModFab Verdict : C
Singing the same song from her first-round appearance, Tatiana made a shamelessly blatant attempt to play it "safe." Her performance style is so cabaret, so patently constructed, so artificial, I could barely stand to watch her. Yes, she's got a good voice. So what? She's got zero understanding of artistry, of originality, of why the world needs music. (And can we talk about her suddenly-present Spanish accent? Guess someone decided that Jorge Nunez's win from last night was due to the power of the Puerto Rican voting bloc.)

Idol Wannabe : Anoop Desai
Song Choice : "My Perogative"
Fashion Sense : A blue knit dripping in faux brocade. Well. Okay.
ModFab Verdict : C
God bless you, Anoop. I haven't laughed that hard in ages. My brother sang that song at his senior prom, but he was drunk at the time. And he sang it better.

My Predix at the Last Commercial Break : Matt Giraud, Megan Corkrey, Jasmine Murray
The Three Who Were Actually Picked : Jasmine Murray, Megan Corkrey, Matt Giraud...and Anoop Desai

ModFab Reaction : Yeah, there were four. Well, fine. Anoop will entertain the masses (and me) for at least a few weeks. I think the other three are formidable competition. At the moment, your money has to be on Lil Rounds, right? Who are you pulling for?

Next week...the Top 13! Woo hoo!
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Blogger Raj said...

I am really enjoying your campaign on Tatiana. I actually kinda like her voice, but she is annoying as f***. I'm always a sucker for a good voice though, so I guess I look past her antics. Good entertainment though for the show - I can see why they brought her back. I'd love to see a pay-per-view between Gabriel and Tatiana though - that shit would be hot! LOL.

We're a little behind in the UK though - did that latin guy Jorge make it through - he was amazing!

3/6/09, 3:30 AM  

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