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Sunday, March 15, 2009


Showtune Sunday: "In The Heights"

Broadway's spring awards season officially gets underway this week, with big-time openings falling in rapid succession (Blithe Spirit, West Side Story, God of Carnage, etc.) and high-profile transfers starting previews (Rock of Ages, reasons to be pretty). Perhaps it's a good time to look back and remind ourselves of the gold standard for Tony winners these days...namely, last year's Best Musical, In The Heights. Still enjoying a healthy run at the Richard Rodgers on 45th Street, the show gives us some important clues about Tony voters and their preferences...namely, traditional narratives, catchy pop tuneage, and a smidge of cultural relevance. If I were a betting man (and it's VERY early to be doing so), I'd place a healthy wager on Billy Elliot: The Musical, which seems to have these criteria nailed. And Elton John doesn't hurt their chances, either.

By the way, the best official Broadway show website this season, hands down, is this one. The video and interactive polls are brilliant...and the URL address is simply genius.
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Blogger Ready2Die said...

I don't get the love for this show. I really, really wanted to enjoy it, but the performances were messy, the choreography lazy, and half the time I couldn't understand what they were saying. I had zero emotional connection to the story or characters. It's a big Emperor's New Clothes in my book.

3/16/09, 4:29 PM  

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