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Monday, March 23, 2009


Hottie Alert: The Only Possible Reason To Watch NCIS

Well, not the old NCIS. I mean, who would ever watch that show? (I've never met anyone, ever, EVER, who watches it. Or The Unit. Or Two And A Half Men. CBS, are your Nielson ratings a fraud perpetrated by aliens? Or are they simply a lie, like the idea that yogurt tastes good?) I'm guessing that the "NCIS" acronym stands for something military, or militia-like, or randomly violent...I vaguely remember a commercial where Mark Harmon was holding a rifle, looking pensive and stressed out. But that was years ago, the show might be about adorable kittens now for all I know. As I said, no one has ever watched NCIS to find out.

The new spinoff to the series, however -- NCIS Legend -- will probably find its way onto my DVR when it premieres next fall. Why? Because the recently announced cast hit the hottie trifecta, that's why. First, you got my fantasy husband, LL Cool J, taking the lead on the show and in my dreams. (I hope whatever unit or battalion he's in, they have to do sweaty maneuvers and covert operations while shirtless. Mmmm.) Add to that Chris O'Donnell, who used to be a little twinky, but has developed some daddy status in his thirties. (Yum!) And from Broadway, they've scooped up the always adorable Barrett Foa, the blond bombshell from Avenue Q and Spelling Bee fame. With sexyfication like that, honestly, I don't care what it's about. Bring on the bullets and hand grenades! Let's see some foxhole action!
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Blogger Vance said...

Considering I have a mainly TV blog, I barely even realize NCIS is still ON. I finally watched an episode when I was stuck in Hong Kong once and there was nothing else on (in English) during a sleepness night and you know what? It was as bad as I thought it was going to be. Maybe worse. Seriously, who watches that show?

But yeah, I saw the casting for the spinoff and something in me definitely perked up.

3/23/09, 1:33 AM  

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