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Sunday, February 15, 2009


Showtune Sunday: "The Color Purple"

Sure, it was inconsistent, it was muddled, and it rushed through the plot points of the book like a runaway locomotive. But in my memory, The Color Purple: The Musical has aged well. Partly because it was a surprise success...thanks to Oprah Winfrey's clout as a co-producer and an effective marketing strategy, the show lived a healthy life (940 performances, just over two years) in its enormous 53rd Street theatre, which had been a show-killer for years because it's so hard to fill that space. But mostly, because I remember some of the show's songs and performances fondly, especially the title song and this defiant anthem for Sophia, "Hell No." (I also loved LaChanze, Felicia Fields and the "church lady trio". Nice touch, that.)

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