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Tuesday, February 10, 2009


If You're Wondering Which Americans Are Expendable...

School children in the Louvre.via Wikipedia

...look no further. Apparently, the people who shouldn't be saved in this economy are museum workers, arts centers, theatres, and anyone who works to save the culture from complete lobotomization. Because face it, as long as we've got Perez Hilton, Rock of Love, and He's Just Not That Into You, who needs Caravaggio, Mozart, or Shakespeare? Right?

Reprehensible. Chuck Shumer, especially, should run in fear, because he just lost one of his most supportive voting blocs...in one fell swoop.

UPDATE: If you want to do something about this, how about e-mailing your congressional leaders. And send it on to your friends and neighbors.
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Blogger Esther said...

It looks like we're all becoming expendable, no matter what our field. And this is just so illogical when you think of all the jobs that the arts provide, directly and indirectly.

I don't understand the focus on repairing roads and bridges. Sure, that's important. But if you look at the people who are losing their jobs, I don't think very many would be able to go out there and do construction work. This isn't the 1930s, where you have a generation used to hard manual labor. Plus, what do you do after the roads and bridges have been repaired? Repair them again?

2/11/09, 4:25 PM  

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