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Monday, February 09, 2009


Blogcrushing: Roses, McCain, and Dollhouse

Early 20th century Valentine's Day card, showi...via Wikipedia

From the outer reaches of Blogistan:
  • i09 sees a sneak of Dollhouse, where apparently, the fembots' sexualities will trend towards the middle of the Kinsey scale. Scary. And hot.
  • Strange Interlude gets medieval on the Republicans' asses. Someone has to, right?
  • Yes, Chartrigger, that Daniel Merriweather is one purty, purty, purty new pop star.
  • Playbill shows us how a devastatingly terrible idea can get even worse: ladies and germs, the new Christine.
  • The Film Experience is working through its 2009 film preview; The Road is my favorite so far (and also the most in need of better publicity shots).
  • Brad's Deals has the Valentine's Day steal of the year: $25 for a dozen red roses. Email me if you need my address for the delivery person.
  • Lemonwade gets bitchslapped for his criticism of the new Broadway shows, by none other than PR titan Adrian Bryan-Brown. And, IMO, Lemonwade deserved it. People who understand the cyclical nature of the theatrical season knew that the January closures would be followed by an influx of new product...a wintertime tradition that dates back many decades. If producers want to keep art alive in this economy, and investors are willing to put their dollars on the line to keep our culture strong, why would anyone who loves the theatre want to stop them?
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