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Friday, February 27, 2009


American Idolatry: Voters Repeat Presidential Election By Choosing Actual Talent Over Old Men In Headbands

American Idol

The voting public, faced with a generally lackluster set of contestants on American Idol thusfar, are exhibiting surprising discernment in their carefully-weighed selections for the Top 12. Their three additions last night -- the power belter Allison Iraheta, the Timberlakeian heartthrob Kris Allen, and the stylish pro Adam Lambert -- were the only viable options in a field packed with inexperienced teens, twentysomethings with bad song choices, and at least one cynically-constructed theatrical caricature.

With half of the finalists set, no trends are emerging...another good sign, because diversity makes Idol a much more satisfying experience. Personally, though, I'm ready be in the finals for real: to jump-start the inevitable Danny Gokey backlash (everyone's aware he's a holy roller at a homophobic church, right? Just checking), to spend a night of rough-trade sex with Michael Sarver, and to cheer like a little schoolgirl every time Adam Lambert opens his mouth. How about you?
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Blogger Vance said...

Even though Gokey's my pool pick (hey, I had to go with the sure thing and I knew those bible thumpers would dial more than the city cynics), I'm ready for the backlash to begin!

2/27/09, 12:17 AM  

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