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Sunday, January 25, 2009


Showtune Sunday: "A Catered Affair"

More and more, I think that history will prove that A Catered Affair was the great musical of 2008. Perhaps it's not for everyone, and perhaps the Broadway incarnation was flawed. But once this gets to the regionals, its complex emotional landscape and its common-man story could make it a staple. Yes, Harvey isn't a very good singer in the clip above of "Coney Island", one of the great songs in Bucchino's score. But listen to that lyric...it's really something.

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Blogger Vance said...

I will chew on my on words and admit that you were right. And I was so glad that I went to see it (even if didn't really go in with the intention of enjoying myself and even hepped myself with caffeine to prep me for my intended nap) and it still lingers with me.

1/25/09, 1:00 AM  

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