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Tuesday, January 06, 2009


Blogcrushing On The Weblog Award Nominees

Congrats to our dear friends Electroqueer, Fizzy Pop, JoeMyGod, Just Jared, Rod 2.0, and Towleroad on their much-deserved 2008 Weblog Award nominations. Four years ago, ModFab was nominated for one 'o them there awards...but that's like a century in blog years, and ModFab's not the young, blond, sexy, pretty, slutty bitch it once was. I'm so glad to see these blogs still shaking it out on the dancefloor, giving the young whippersnappers what for!

I know that you probably already read these great sites; you should vote for them as well. (I'm especially hoping that Joe or Andy kick GayPatriot's ass in the Best LGBT category, and that Jared triumphs for Best Gossip Blog over He Who Shall Never Be Linked.) Congrats again, gang!

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Blogger Raj said...

Hey ModFab - you're blog still is one of my favourites that I read daily - I mean seriously what would I do without the monday manscan? So excited about upcoming Battlestar G...Gaeta is a homo! I love it. I expect great blogs from you after each episode because as you know, we are so far behind when it comes to the US TV department here in the UK. I mean seriously they just showed Razor on TV last night...

1/11/09, 5:37 AM  

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