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Saturday, January 03, 2009


And Ours Would Equally Suck, Kelly Clarkson

No more moping, eh, Kelly? Back to being a pop star, are we?

I'm thrilled, personally. She's too good for music to lose her to the whims of the industry.

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Blogger indierocker said...

hi modfab! cool blog!!!
...btw, i came here b-coz i suddenly got knowledge that i have a technorati score (whatever-that-is!) of 12, and one of these points is because of you, since you linked me because you love heaven or las vegas by the cocteau twins!
thanks for that technorati point 1 (whatever-that-is!)...
...and have yourself and your gang a wonderful 2009!!!!!!!

1/3/09, 5:39 AM  

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