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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Doing Your Bidding...

Although I am, of course, a blog superhero, by day I work as a mild-mannered arts administrator, working behind the scenes to protect culture and civilization from the onslaught on the evildoers (aka, the stock market). To that end, we're throwing a little party on Monday night (which is why ModFab won't have a post on Tuesday, kids...just warning you now. I'll be exhausted and hopefully drunk as a skunk).

Tickets for the event are a fortune, as these things usually are. But even if you can't attend, you might want to bid on some of the great deals in the online auction. Sure, some of the big vacation packages are already going high, but there's a number of really amazing prices (especially on the second page, so click thru). Among other things, there are celebrity meetings/private lunches with Stephen Colbert, David Hyde Pierce, Cynthia Nixon, Bill Irwin, and Big Bird (who is part of the Sesame Street set visit). Bidding goes until midnight tomorrow, and will continue on Monday night, where the online bids setting the bar. So why not? It'll make you feel good in three ways: you'll help the arts, you'll get an excellent treat for yourself, and you'll get it all for a steal!

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