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Monday, December 01, 2008


World AIDS Day

It's World AIDS Day. The one day of the year when concerned bloggers trot out our most enraged and bitchy selves, rant about the lack of awareness, and call for an end to the still-devastating plague (even as we hope you don't notice our own complacency...that we only post about the subject once a year).

And still...we post. And it's important to do so, because more and more I'm convinced that AIDS is the forgotten epidemic. Eight years of neglect by the Bush Administration began the trend; a renewed focus on the plight of Africa made it easier to ignore the problem here at home. The LGBT community, once so active in the struggle against HIV, began moving away from the issue with the advent of cocktail therapies in the mid-90's...and now, to our great shame, an entire generation of gay men are ignorant of the virus' history, its impact, and its transmission.

I hope that's coming to an end. I hope that Barack Obama does indeed reinstate the position of AIDS Czar in his administration, and I hope the government leads the way for individuals and foundations to get back in gear, looking for a cure and caring for those in need.

I also hope that you'll join me today in making a special donation to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, or to the AIDS charity of your choice. The only way to end AIDS in our lifetime is for each of us to make it a priority to do so. I'm renewing my commitment today. I hope you will as well.
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