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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Democrats Abandon Gays in New York State

So much for the belief that Democrats would be better for LGBT people than Republicans. For decades, the excuse lawmakers gave for not passing equal marriage rights in New York was that the State Senate was controlled by Republicans, who refused to bring it to a floor vote. Democratic candidates swore they'd vote for it, if they only had the chance.

Thanks to the Obama sweep last month, Democrats took complete control of the Senate here, a victory made possible by significant support (and money) from the LGBT community. And guess what? Now they're going back on their promises. It's so easy to promise equality when your hands are theoretically tied; when they're not, your promises become, well, lies.

First Thought: how many times will gay people get screwed over by straight "supporters"? California, New Jersey, New York...it's an endless parade of blatant political cowardice and betrayals. Not all straight people are bad, as Tim will rush to remind me. Just the ones in power.

Second Thought: last month I attended one of the protests against California's Prop 8, here in Manhattan. Will we riot, march, protest this...something that affects these citizens far more?

Related Thought:will Californians riot against this? Can we get a bicoastal support thing going?

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Blogger John T said...

Even national Democrats are turning their backs on the gays, with Obama saying he won't move to repeal DADT until 2010: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2008/nov/21/obama-to-delay-repeal-of-dont-ask-dont-tell/?comment_page=2&

12/6/08, 12:46 PM  

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