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Monday, December 22, 2008


Cleaning Up The Big Gay Mess

{{w|Tammy Baldwin}}, U.S. Congresswoman.via WikipediaThe Rick Warren debacle just keeps getting worse. Apparently believing that one blatant craven appointment to his inauguration deserves another, Barack Obama has now put an openly lesbian congresswoman, Tammy Baldwin, on his inaugural committee. Is this the apology we've all been looking for? Will we bite? Baldwin is an exemplary statesperson and a personal hero of mine, but I'm not about to think the Rick Warren appointment is suddenly a non-issue because of her presence behind the scenes.

Meanwhile, however, Warren's attempting to clean up his image as well. Until yesterday, the good reverend's website stated that gay people could not be members of his Saddleback Church congregation. Today, though, that text has mysteriously disappeared. I guess Jesus decided to like us, after all.
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Blogger Jordan said...

I still can't figure out why gay activists are so outraged by this. Barack Obama and Joe Biden have ALWAYS been opposed to gay marriage. So, shouldn't that be the issue? I mean, gays voted for a guy that doesn't support their "rights" in the first place, and now they're the dumb shits that are getting mad over it. Geesh... I don't get it.

12/23/08, 1:36 PM  
Blogger ModFab said...

Jordan, I think you're (wildly, maybe even purposefully) missing the point. It's one thing for Barack Obama to oppose marriage equality, and be open and honest about that opposition. We knew about that up front, and believed him when he said that he supported our community in every other way.

But to endorse Rick Warren by showcasing him at the inauguration is another matter entirely. For decades Warren, through his words and deeds, has given rise to countless cases of anti-gay violence, homophobic bigotry, and religiously-motivated prejudice. His strong aversion to equality (not just in marriage, as Obama does, but in many areas of life...like the idea that we are doomed to hell!) has been at the core of evangelical attacks on the safety and livelihood of our community. He is, in short, a monster, of the most insidious and worst kind...the kind that doesn't realize his own monstrosity.

Are we outraged at Obama's disavowal of equal rights? Of course. Did we vote for him anyway, given the choice of him or McCain? Yes, we did, based on his stated promises that he'd never choose virulent homophobes to surround his presidency.

Now, it seems, that was untrue. And THAT's why we're angry. Not for who Obama is personally, but for the choice he made in this instance.

Sorry to discuss this in such elementary language, but I'm guessing you need big brushstrokes.

12/23/08, 6:43 PM  
Blogger FleshPresser said...

OK... a few points and/or questions...

I am not a fan nor an apologist for Rick Warren by ANY stretch of the imagination - and I wasn't thrilled to hear about him being brought on to give the invocation.

But I have YET to hear ANYONE say a single thing about Rev. Lowery, who was invited to give the Benediction. Lowery, who actually not only supports gay marriage, but gay clergy, and is a civil rights icon - in my mind, a MUCH BIGGER story than Rick Warren.

Why isn't ANYONE talking about Lowery?

And while I agree with some of what you address to Jordan, I think regular readers of ModFab will realize that the choice, at least for you (and for me as well) wasn't simply between Obama and McCain - we both supported and endorsed him early on in the Primary season, where there were MANY more choices (lest we forget) than just Obama and McCain.

I'll be honest... I don't know a whole lot about Warren. I know he wrote that book that sold bazillions of copies, and that he heads a big megachurch with a stupid name. I know that while I disagree with him on a LOT of issues, there are issues on which I agree with him, such as the environment, poverty, and bringing education to marginalized populations.

I guess what I'm trying to get to here are a few things:

1. I'm having trouble making the leap with Warren from "someone who I don't agree with" to "monster" and would love to be pointed to some website or quotes or something like that so I can be better educated as to how this man has slipped past my "monster radar" for so long. Honestly, I thought it was pretty fine-tuned, but it may have been off this time.

2. Do you remember who gave Clinton's Invocation? I didn't, and had to look it up... and it turns out it was Billy Graham. And, barring what you're able to show me about Warren, I'll take the Purpose-Driven dude over Billy Graham any day of the week. But regardless, I don't think anyone is going to remember one way or the other six months from now.

3. I'm really confused as to why no one is talking about Lowery, as I see the "inauguration issue" as one of bookends - the range of viewpoint on the issue. So, can anyone explain this to me?

12/23/08, 11:16 PM  

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