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Monday, November 03, 2008


Yes, Virgina, There IS A Santa Claus...

...and yes, that IS a penile enhancement ad, over there in the sidebar. I usually don't approve these, but I found the text of this ad so hilarious that I had to do it. HARDWEAR. Heh! "The result of two years' research"...I've never wanted to donate my body to science more than I do right this moment.

Look. I know that this ad may offend the sensitive, delicate, prudish natures of my readers, who by and large are decent, God-fearing Christian folk who never ever EVER think about sex. But I mean, really...who among us is opposed to larger and more fully-operational genitalia? I say, enhanced penises for everyone! Up with penises! Up, up, young man! Go forth and conquer!

(ROTFLMAO. And the fact that it's squeezed between ads for Avenue Q, modern furniture and Wicked only makes me crack up even more. Jesus, I do love blogging.)

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