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Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Protests, Pictures, and La Lohan!

FYI: Join The Impact has become the central nexus for all of the protests nationwide happening around Prop 8. I continue to be astonished and heartened by the national outpouring of fury and support. I'll see you there. And there.

Love this picture, by the by.

And while I'm discussing all the queer things I'm loving right now, let me mention another: Lindsay Lohan. I've never been a big far, or critic, of The Lohan; that was really more the turf of He Who Shall Not Be Linked. (My preferred target was always Kevin Federline...but he's sooo 1996.) Lindsay's recent interview in Harper's Bazaar, however, made me see her in a totally different light. She handles the questions of her still-evolving sexuality with grace, openness, and maturity. While proudly championing her romantic relationship with Samatha Ronson, she also refuses to the let the interviewer box her sexuality into any single category...something that, as a woman still exploring (in the blinding glare of the media, no less), is quite a triumph of the self. Good on you, Lindsay. Now about those histrionic Ugly Betty scenes...
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