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Thursday, November 13, 2008


The New York Prop 8 Protest

You know the homos are all fired up when 10,000 New Yorkers come out on a cold November night to protest something that happened a continent away in California! The vibe was great, the energy infectious, the Mormons subdued and terrified, and the mix of people truly inspiring. Famous people I spotted: playwrights Tony Kushner and Doug Wright, Top Design judge Jonathan Adler, comedian Judy Gold, and of course Whoopi Goldberg, who got on all the TV newscasts.

The best part about gay protests, in my opinion, are the creative cheers and posters on display...we are a very imaginative and fashionable people, after all. My favorites were held by a gay couple, arm in arm. One simply said "Really?", while the other said "Seriously?" Fabulous.

More photos and video from our favorite Boy In Bushwick.
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