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Thursday, November 06, 2008


The Age of Obama

Rev. Santino endorses Barack Obama for Preside...Image by Rev. Santino via FlickrI'm still reeling a bit from Tuesday's staggering historical moment...there's a bit of giddy euphoria at seeing the land of Lincoln, MLK, Malcolm and Kennedy elect an African-Amercan as its leader. But that's merely the tip of the iceberg; Obama's selection heralds America's return to the global community and international discourse, a return to middle-class populism, and a return to intellectual reasoning in our policy choices. It marks the beginning of the end of the Iraq War. And it probably ensures a centrist balance on the Supreme Court for at least another generation.

It's also important, however, that in our euphoria we not overstate the change that occurred on Tuesday. The vote, while clear and unquestionable, was not a sweeping mandate. The Senate, in particular, remains a body where bipartisanship will be key to effective governance. And while African-Americans may have crossed a barrier of prejudice, the country in many ways regressed -- heterosexuals removed, denied, and banned equal rights for gay citizens in four states. If America is now "post-racial," as the pundits keep insisting, it is certainly NOT post-homophobic. Straight voters made sure we got the message, loud and clear: LGBT people are second-class, and not invited to the table of fairness signaled by Obama's presidency.

But despite the continued flaws in our nation, it's difficult to be sad today. I want to thank all of the ModFab readers who have shared their passions, arguments, criticisms, strategies, and enthusiasm about this election over the last two years. I especially want to thank the Hillary Clinton supporters like Damion, Nathaniel, Keith and CCopeland, who took an awful lot of crap from me and other Obama fans...and who, in the end, swallowed their hurt and enthusiastically boarded the train of change. (Here's to hoping that Hillary will replace Harry Reid as Senate Majority Leader...woo hoo!)

Let's hope that the coming days bring great things. We know that there will be continued economic and social pain...Rome wasn't built in a day, and President Obama has a lot of shit to shovel after eight years of Bush's neglect and abuse. But today's there's something we can all embrace...hope. Sure, it's corny. Sure, it's far easier to be cyncial...I know. (I mean, come on...have you read this blog?) But if we will all just make the decision, in our hearts and minds and efforts, to be hopeful, to embrace the vision our new leader holds for our lives...as a people, working together, America can turn this all around.

Yes. We can.
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Blogger John Wolf said...

I am so excited, my head might explode!

If you like Modern Fabulousity, you'll LOVE my new blog:


11/6/08, 12:11 AM  
Blogger Jill said...

It occurs to me that the Obama campaign logo is arguably the most brilliant piece of branding we've seen in decades. Utterly wordless, patriotic and evocative, it takes the Reagan "morning in America" notion and turns it on its ear. And encases the whole thing in an "O for Obama." You see this logo you know exactly what it is. The other day I was driving behind someone with an Obama magnet on his car and even from 5 or so car lengths, I knew what it was. This is an image this administration (how gorgeous does that sound?) can carry through the next eight years.

And yes, dammit, we will.

11/8/08, 9:26 PM  

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