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Thursday, October 09, 2008


Stage Addiction: Guys and Dolls and Hair, Oh My!

IMGP38381Image by Cap'n Jo via FlickrWONDERING WHERE MY HAIR WENT: No, I'm not going bald (yet). But with breaking news of the Broadway-bound Guys and Dolls -- not the celebrated London revival from two seasons ago with Ewan McGregor and Jane Krakowski, but a new American production directed by Des McAnuff (Jersey Boys) starring Oliver Platt -- moving into the Nederlander Theatre next February, the game of theatre switcheroo got even more interesting. Specifically -- where will Hair land? The Nederlander seemed a natural fit. My guess is that the 60's rock opera will now make its home at either the Neil Simon (where Hairspray will close up shop next January) or the Longacre (once Boeing-Boeing departs).

BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG CITY: What are we to make of the recent statements about the gestating film adaptations of Spring Awakening and In The Heights? Not much. Yeah, I know the kids are all excited by the possibilities and the buzz. But neither is the breakaway hit that attracts Hollywood bloodhounds to the scent. Spring might get there someday, but it's a long way off. I'd expect a musical re-do of Billy Elliot or a film adaptation of Wicked first.

BACK TO THE SEA: I realized it's been barely a week since I swore off The Tempest, at least on stage. But the idea of Helen Mirren playing Prospero, in a movie by Julie Taymor, with an all-star cast including Djimon Hounsou, Alfred Molina, Felicity Jones and Geoffrey Rush, is more than enough to get me back into the idea of island adventuring. (Too bad about that Spider-Man musical, which will probably get delayed again in light of Taymor's film schedule.)
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Blogger Jill said...

I read today that Oliver Platt is going to be Nathan Detroit, which strikes me as fun casting. This character has always been a bit of a schlemiel, and the Platt Persona is likely to make him less sympathetic. I for one am psyched. This is my favorite musical of all time.

10/11/08, 6:54 AM  
Blogger Vance said...

Oh woops. (wait. did my last message go through? cause if not, this will make no sense). McAnuff is doing A Funny Thing (as well as Macbeth). Not WWS (Gary oh god Griffin is doing WWS with Trujillo).

10/12/08, 4:04 AM  

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