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Friday, October 03, 2008


Stage Addiction: Edna Is Dead (Long Live Edna!)

Actors Harvey Fierstein and Anthony Rapp at th...Harvey (and Anthony Rapp)THE AQUA NET GOES EMPTY: The Bad News: Broadway is losing another musical comedy, and this time it's a longtime hit. Hairspray will end next January after a six-year run, multiple Tonys, and a hit film adaptation. (The Good News: original Tony-winning star Harvey Fierstein will return for the end of the run, in the role of Edna Turnblad. If you missed his brilliant performance the first time around -- or if you'd like to forever remove the unpleasant memory of John Travolta from your memory -- grab some seats right away.)

Anyone got predictions for what will close next? Let me know in the comments. I'm going to take a guess that, by Christmas, we'll see closing notices for at least a few of the following: Avenue Q, A Tale of Two Cities, Young Frankenstein, The 39 Steps, and maybe Mary Poppins. If the economy continues to worsen, you might even add The Little Mermaid, Spamalot and the almighty Phantom of the Opera to the list.

WALK THE RUNWAY, LEGENDARY CHILDREN: Pretty soon, we may all Wig Out. Why? Because it's officially a hit. The early reviews are good...and now it's extending. It's now the show I'm most excited to see this fall.

OGLING THE OGRE: Seems that the mediocre out-of-town reviews for Shrek: The Musical have caused the show's producers to implement some changes. First up, a casting shift: Chester Gregory (Cry-Baby) is out as Donkey, and Daniel Breaker (Passing Strange) is in. Having seen both of them last year in their respective musicals, this is really a trade-up, at least in dramatic chops. The second change (hallelujah!) is to toss the terrible ad campaign for a different look...it's still a little odd, but it's definitely easier on the eye.

ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? That's the question the publicist asked me when my office called for tickets to this new musical. And the only possible answer to the question? Fuck yeah.
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Blogger John T said...

My guess is that Frankenstein and The 39 Steps both go quickly. I doubt that Disney is going to let Poppins and especially Mermaid sink, though.

10/3/08, 10:39 PM  

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