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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Spring Awakening Is Totally F$#!@ed

Spring AwakeningImage via WikipediaBad things come in threes, I guess, and Broadway has definitely been down on its luck this week: first Hairspray, then Spamalot, and now Spring Awakening have announced a January closing date. Unlike the earlier rash of economy-fueled closings (Xanadu, Title of Show, Legally Blonde), these three are solid "tentpole" productions....maybe all a little past their prime, but certainly not flops.

I'm not sure if it's public news yet that Dirty Dancing will follow Hairspray into the Neil Simon Theatre; I apologize if I'm letting the cat out of the bag prematurely, but that's what buzz is for, right? Dancing won't come until the middle of next season, however, leaving a healthy window for a show to make a limited run this spring. No word yet on the future residents of the Shubert and the Eugene O'Neill showpalaces...but in this economy, I'm betting they won't be risky projects.

And if I were Avenue Q, A Tale of Two Cities, or Young Frankenstein, I'd be very scared about now.
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