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Wednesday, October 01, 2008


McCain: "I've gone to Palin for foreign policy advice"

Rambo III poster.This is not Sarah Palin.As she sits in her aerial hunting helicopter, guns a-blazing, protecting America single-handedly from Russian invasion, Sarah Palin channels a complex mixture of historic figures -- Rambo, Kissinger, early-career Cher, and Gloria Steinem all rolled into one big, badass, butt-kicking Republican package. Or so McCain thinks.

Why do I say this? Because she's the brains of the outfit now, apparently. McCain's having Palin advise him on all sorts of complex global issues. And as someone who has perused her resume, I wonder why. Is it because of her uncanny ability to parse international trade markets? Is it because of her background as a Rhodes scholar, Nobel Prize laureate and Pulitzer winner? Is it because she's one of the sharpest thinkers of our age?

No, can't be that. So....why?
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Blogger TP said...

Answer A: Perhaps McCain is finally realizing he's out of touch and is grasping at ways to fool the voters into thinking he has a clue.

Answer B: Actually, it turns out she really hasn't even done trade missions with the Russians. In fact, her administration has reduced its trade staff and has axed contributions to the international Northern Forum group Alaska belongs to, but whose recent meeting (in Russia) Palin couldn't be bothered to attend. So maybe McCain's trying to figure out how to turn our country into an isolationist island. In which case maybe Palin could be of assistance.

10/1/08, 4:58 PM  
Blogger TP said...

Oh yeah. I meant to include this (which pretty much nails Palin on how little she really knows about what she's saying):


10/1/08, 5:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, tonight we plan on making a party out of the VP debates with a few friends, good food and of course beer. This way we can hiss and piss all the while watching Ms. Congeniality show us just how little she knows outside of her little Alaskan world.

Frankly, her star is already fading (even among Republicans) and after tonight's debate, I think it will be time for lights out. After all, this election is about the presidential candidates. Let's get this over with already. It’s time to focus our disdain on McCain.

10/2/08, 9:56 AM  

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