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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Gratuitous Fabulousity: Watchmen, Beards, and Socialists

- I'm not sure any superhero movie has ever had me as excited as Watchmen does...the graphic novel is a widely-recognized work of art, with a compelling narrative and perhaps a needed lesson in ethics for our age. And the new footage from the film is as cool as it is enticing. Spiritually, I'm already waiting in line on opening day. [io9)

- I'm sure most of you have seen this already, linked as it has been this week on sites everywhere. But as a hirsute man who has had facial hair since the age of 14, I feel compelled to share: Ten Very Good Reasons To Grow A Giant Beard. [GGB] And the 8 Phases of Dating are pretty compelling as well.

- McCain is on a scare-tactic spending spree this week, and among the boogymen he's trying to see is this doozy: Obama will turn America into a socialist country. Which is pretty damn impossible, with a Starbucks on every corner. [Chicago Tribune] As anyone who has studied socialism will tell you, it seems pretty sweet...but Obama's about as socialist as, well, Warren Buffett.

- If you use Google Calendar -- and really, who doesn't? -- this handy, easy-to-install integration of your calendar and e-mail view is sheer heaven. Is it too early to say it's the best Firefox add-on of the year? [Lifehacker]

- McCain has his boogymen to deal with...he's just been endorsed by Al-Qaeda supporters. [HuffPo]

- News flash: racists are really stupid. [Current]

- Fans of the groundbreaking TV dramedy Noah's Arc are celebrating this week, thanks to the release on Friday of Jumping The Broom, a film coda on the series that follows its characters two years into the future. I loved Noah's gentle spirit, its grounded sophistication, and its ability to stretch what was clearly a shoestring budget further than it ever should have been. And well, okay, yes...I also enjoyed its cast. Why? See below. Now don't you want to see it? [NewNowNext]

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