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Friday, October 17, 2008


Fabulousity: Victor Calderone

I'm probably irretrievably dating myself, but I rarely do the gay club thing anymore. Part of it is that the club scene is for youngsters, part of it is that club culture in New York isn't what it once was, and part of it is dance music, in general, sucks these days. I came of club-kid age in the '90s, under the influence of Frankie Knuckles, Junior Vasquez, the Roxy, Limelight, and the Pyramid. These days, when I venture into the nightlife, I am usually bored to tears: pretty boys, bad music, and poor fashion.

Which is why, when a bona fide superstar comes to town, I get excited. This Saturday, Pacha NYC hosts the legendary DJ Victor Calderone and the return of his party called Evolve, the sexy-fabulous tribal blast. Calderone, of course, has been in nightclubs longer than I've been legal; he's been a producer and remixer with an international following (and I still lose my mind to his reimagining of Madonna's "Ray Of Light"). With Adultnapper at the helm for the first night, I've got big expectations...enough to have me dusting off my glam heels, get off the couch, and shake it like a Magic 8-Ball. See you there.
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