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Saturday, October 18, 2008


Daddycatcher and the House of ModFab

Inspired by the play Wig Out! and the divine genius of drag ball culture, today we extend an open invitation to all readers, bloggers, divas and b-boys to become Legendary Children of the House Of ModFab. Requirements: you must be a king (or queen) of culture, a deity of dish, and a baccalaureate of bitchery. You can live anywhere, do anything, and be anybody. And as a House member, you are automatically sexy. That's the rule, no exceptions.

The first resident of the House of ModFab is Planet Fabulon, who we, ummm, borrowed this fierce graphic from. Work it out! Lingerie for everyone!

Now, please welcome the second resident of the House of ModFab: Daddycatcher, a sassy show queen by day and a twentysomething club warrior by night. (You wonder about his house name? Yes, it's an alias...and surprise, he likes his men a little, umm, seasoned.) Inspired by last week's review of Lady GaGa, Daddycatcher felt compelled to e-mail his thoughts about her recently released DJ Vice Megamix, which precedes LG's album release in the U.S.

Hell to the O, sistergirl. I have a confession. I want to sleep with Lady GaGa. And by sleeping with her, I mean I want to have a huge slumber party where I can absorb all of her deliciousness and fabulousness in an atmosphere of utter decadence and hipster glamour. I also want to run off with her clothing so that whenever I'm in a bad mood I can just slip into some Lady GaGa outerwear and envelope myself in her essence. Until that dream (or, as my BF says, "delusional nightmare") occurs, I will have to be content with the DJ Vice Megamix that you has let me sample. Visions of PopRocks!, that college age pop music dance party that thrived in 2001-2003 at Flamingo on 13th and 2nd, fill my head as "Just Dance," "Beautiful, Dirty, Rich," "Poker Face," and "The Fame" are mixed expertly in this 9 minute track. I could've made out with so many guys (and let's face it, after three beers, girls too!) to these songs. But this mix really leaves me with several questions, and I hope the ModFab children can help me answer them. Namely: what is a "disco stick"? Where can I buy one? And do they come with guarantees? Thanks for the help. ~ Daddycatcher
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Blogger thombeau said...

Woot! Woot! Woohoo! Hooray! Huzzah! Hoopla! Yowza! Yay! Whee!

The honor is all ours. Such a feather in our cap; nay, a rhinestone in our tiara!

Champagne all around!


10/20/08, 2:57 PM  

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