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Monday, September 01, 2008


Going On A Manhunt

Thought I'd share a letter I wrote to the New York Blade regarding a recent editorial. Nothing makes me angrier that bigots who hide their views behind the idea of "diversity." You can guess I was a bit ticked...
Dear Editor,

It's troubling to see the New York Blade's editorial defense of Manhunt.com and its co-founder, Jonathan Crutchley, regarding his donations to the campaign of Republican John McCain. Troubling not because of the defense of individual freedom -- anyone can, of course, support any candidate they wish -- but troubling because Chris Crain's editorial ("A Witch Hunt at Manhunt", August 15th) posits that diversity requires accepting all ideological views equally. His thesis, that "we should be even more troubled by the arrogant intolerance that says [gay Republican donors] have no place in a community that flies rainbow flags to show pride in its diversity," is academically false, spiritually bankrupt and ideologically misleading. It attempts to use the language of diversity to justify Crutchley's unconscionable support of homophobia and anti-gay intolerance.

Cultural diversity is certainly about accepting and celebrating differences in the human tapestry. This does NOT mean, however, that all ideologies and behaviors are morally equal. Certainly we do not celebrate racism, sexism, child molestation, or similar behaviors under the rubric of "diversity." Why should, then, we be taken to task for legitimately boycotting those who fund homophobia? Why should LGBTQ men and women be berated by a gay newspaper for legally boycotting those who support intolerance?

To be clear, I don't dispute Manhunt's right to support anti-gay efforts...or for their subscribers to continue to support them if they wish. But for those who find Crutchley's act socially repugnant, it is right and proper for them to protest with their wallets and their voices. To do so isn't an attack on diversity; rather, it is a reaction against the intolerance of John McCain, whose politics and policies are clearly opposed to the ideas of gay equality.

Opposing intolerance isn't attacking diversity; it is a moral imperative. I would hope the New York Blade would recognize that.

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Blogger par3182 said...

stick it to the man, mister

well said

9/4/08, 2:43 AM  
Blogger ModFab said...

Interesting update: just got an email from the editor of the NY Blade, being very nice and telling me that they're printing this letter in the next issue! (Coming out Friday online and in print.) We'll see if they do, but that's cool, huh?

9/4/08, 8:44 AM  

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