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Monday, September 08, 2008


Monday Tidbits

TIDBIT #1: I am now Facebook friends with this guy. Step one of my master plan is complete! Now I just need to club him over the head, drag him back to my cave, and get busy with the horizontal mambo. Think of me less as a crazed stalker, and more as a very determined future husband.

TIDBIT #2: The easiest weather site in the world now answers the most important question in the universe. I love it.

TIDBIT #3: Sarah Palin is converting gays to straights at her church. Hateful. The worst kind of evangelical extremism. I guess, though, if you already hate personal freedom for women, other races, moose, and your own daughter, why not throw gays on the bonfire too?


Blogger Barry Rowell said...

On tidbit #1, I have no comment other than there are 284 photos of him on Facebook? OMG, what is he: Elvis?

On tidbit #2, brilliant! The elegant simplicity of it should not be ruined... so should we ask them to set up a separate site to text us when we need a hat and gloves?

On tidbit #3, I have no doubt that this conversion scheme will be every bit as sucessful as abstience-only birth control.

9/8/08, 4:28 PM  
Blogger Vance said...

1. Jealous!
2. Zip Code only?
3. Def. not jealous. What the heck is going on down there? She cant seriously be a contender?

9/8/08, 11:08 PM  

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